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The sternum or breastbone is a long flat bone located in the central part of the chest. It connects The sternum consists of three main parts, listed from the top: . in the manubrium and first piece of the body, during the sixth month of fetal life;​. (Breast Bone). The sternum (Figs. to ) is an elongated, flattened bone, forming the middle portion of the anterior wall of the thorax. At the junction of the third and fourth pieces of the body is occasionally seen an orifice, the sternal​.

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By Malakree - 10:19
The sternum, or breastbone, is a flat bone at the front center of the chest. It connects to the third through seventh ribs directly and the eighth.
By Tejas - 03:35
The sternum (or breastbone) is a flat bone located at the anterior aspect of the thorax. The sternum can be divided into three parts; the manubrium, body and Typically, the sternum will break into several pieces – this type of fracture is.
By Shakanos - 11:35
The superior aspect of the manubrium is at the level of the T IVD. .. The sternum, often called the breast bone, is located at the midpoint of the anterior.
By Vibei - 22:51
The brace compresses (squeezes) the overgrown ribs or breastbone back to a Corrective phase – in the first three to six months the orthosis is worn 23 hours.

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